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Tracking Trading Performance!

To become a Successful Trader, it is of utmost importance to track your trading performance month after month. Doing so will enable you to go through a Self Discovery of yourself!

How would you respond when the market goes against your trades?

How would you respond when the market goes well with your trades?

In other words,

If you are LOSING, you must know WHY you are losing.

If you are WINNING, you must also know WHY you are winning!

Only then, you can SCALE UP your winning trades to gain MASSIVELY over time!

This is the track record of our Trading Performance for AchieverLife Reference Trading Account with our students over 4 months, starting from 1st Jun 2022.

We have managed to achieve an Profit ROI of 17.4% over 4 months as of 1st Oct 2022. This is way better compared to S&P 500 which crashed by a whopping 14.2% over the same period. In short,

AchieverLife +17.4% versus S&P 500 -14.2%

Wishing everyone good health and wealth!

God Bless!

Jason Yee

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