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Questions For Jason Yee of AchieverLife

1. What is the MISSION for AchieverLife?

I was actually retired for many years until I felt a strong calling to restart and use AchieverLife as a platform to financially support Christian Missionaries, Charities and Evangelism. To me, Gospel Sharing is a privilege for every Christian to carry out.

I am pledging 50% of the company's net profit (after tax) to be used to support this purpose.

2. What so different about AchieverLife Trading Methodologies compared to others?

There are tons of Trading Strategies being promoted by trading gurus in the market. One can find them in Youtube channels, internet, etc. Many trading gurus are promoting how good their strategies are; how successful they are, etc. Some of them are even giving away their trading program for FREE! Do you truly believe that these companies are giving their secret trading strategies for FREE?

Don't get me wrong. I do have high respect for some of them. In fact, some of their strategies are good!

However, I would like you to ask yourself this question. If the strategies are so good, why there are still so little successful traders in the market?

Let me try to address the missing link. Trading is a SKILL. It cannot be acquired solely by reading trading books, watching trading youtube channels, attending online trading courses (especially those that are FREE... :-). The best you can achieve with all these is only HEAD Knowledge. Trading is a SKILL and what you actually need is APPLIED Knowledge and not head knowledge alone! That's why we in AchieverLife adopt a Personal Coaching and Mentoring Approach to help individuals to become successful traders over a period of time. I personally trade LIVE with my students and walk the trading journey with them STEP-by-STEP. Only then, I believe there is a solid chance to be able to transform them to become successful and profitable traders.

3. Why is your Reference Trading Account so small?

It is true. I always use US$10,000 as our Reference Trading Account for each batch of our students. The reason being that many of the participants are afraid to even get started in trading the market with real money. The fear of losing money can easily paralyze them from making the first step. That's why I always encourage everyone to consider starting with a small account. Using US$10,000 as our Reference Trading Account actually do encourage many of our students as they can relate to that amount. Many of them are now trading with a much bigger trading account... :-)

4. Can everyone be successful in trading?

It depends. Is that individual sincerely willing to learn? As trading has to deal with MONEY, one must have the correct perspective about MONEY. Some people have this wrong idea about money. They think money is evil! How sad! Money is not evil. It is the GREED for Money that is bad! Money is simply a TOOL. You can use this for good or evil purposes. I pray you will use it for good! Individuals who believe that money is evil cannot be successful in trading as nobody will want to own evil things, right?

Even for individuals with the correct perspective of money, the journey to learn and acquire trading skill is not easy. It requires HUMILITY to learn from the right coach; PATIENCE to wait for the right timing to enter the market; RESILENCE to respond to unexpected situations, etc, etc. That is why I do not believe one can learn and acquire TRADING skill by a 2 to 3 days workshop, reading books, watching online trading courses, etc. If it is so easy, everyone will become super wealthy and successful!

Trading Skill is best acquired via Personal Coaching and Mentoring by a Trustworthy and Experienced Trading Coach who is willing to guide you over a period of time.

5. How long do you plan to coach and mentor traders?

I really don't know. I am now being classified as a senior citizen! Ha! Ha!. I am aware that my runway on this planet earth is limited. Trading is my PASSION. I also enjoy Coaching and Mentoring sincere and willing individuals to become Achievers in Life. I will continue as long as I can...

I am thankful and grateful to GOD for all the BLESSING HE has given me. Trading is one of the BEST gifts given to me in my lifetime! You too can receive this gift if you truly desire.

Wishing you a Happy and Fulfilling Life!

God Bless!

Jason Yee

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